My Dad went to Phillips Academy in the Fifties on a full scholarship. I think Ayn Rand was force fed to them, as part of the curriculum. He went as a kid from Winter Hill, Somerville and then went on to a fully paid Scholarship gig at MIT; so I get that he dug Ayn Rand a bit. He was always brilliant, she just gave him a little boost. I read everything Ayn Rand wrote by the age of 14. I didn’t go to Phillips Academy, because honestly, in the Eighties it was a den of trust fund coke heads, and my public high school was, at that time rated 3rd best in the Country. Not a hard choice. Also, those fuckers were jerks, no lie.

However, since then, whenever I meet an entitled JERKWAD Trust Fund Baby, they invariably start spouting Ayn Rand tripe at me, which drives me livid, as it should. Here are the facts: despite her rhetoric; Ayn Rand lived off of Welfare for most of her Life in the USA. She died in poverty, on Social Security. Fact.


Also, being a selfish jerk (as she espoused) helps no one, especially yourself. That is her entire gig, though. Me, I dig “to thine self be true” (Shakespear) as it lets you fly your freak flag, and all, without being hurtful to anyone.

Paul Ryan styles himself as as Ayn Rand disciple. However, the only private sector job I found he ever did was driving the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile one summer. Other than that, he has been the epitome of working the Washington System for jobs. Hypocrite.


So, Paul Ryan drove the Wienermobile. And that, right there, is sheer poetry.

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